The 10 Key Steps of a Real Estate Purchase

Looking to buy a property?

Here is a list of the main steps / steps to follow … 1. The signing of the sales agreement

The buyer and the seller both agree in writing on the selling price of the property.

  1. The search for a commercial credit

The buyer can inquire directly with the banks or call a broker (Better rates or Empruntis for example).

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  1. Setting up your credit

Once the credit is selected, you must prepare your file, namely to provide the bank with the necessary documents and information: payroll records, savings capacity, professional stability …

  1. The agreement in principle at the bank

This agreement in principle is essential in the pursuit of your project.

  1. Opening an account with the selected bank

The lending bank frequently asks the customer to open an account at home. It also generally requests the transfer of all or part of the purchaser’s income into this account.If you are facing any type of problem during parches of real estate are any type of information you need visit here forĀ Best Tampa realtor 2018 .

  1. The loan proposal

The loan proposal takes the form of a document that you must sign and send to the bank that specifies all the characteristics of the loan. The drafting of the loan offer is strictly regulated.

  1. The period of reflection

It is 10 working days.

  1. Acceptance of the loan offer

After 10 days of reflection, you can return the offer of credit to the bank and sign before the expiry date of the offer.

  1. Notary: deed of sale

The deed of sale is signed and registered by a notary by which the buyer becomes the owner of a property. The compromise must be authentic (written by a notary and signed in his presence). He confirms the sale.

  1. Repayment of the Credit

The purchaser starts repaying his loan.